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Designmeisters LLC is a Cayman Islands-​based architectural and engineering design ​firm specializing in creating exceptional door ​hardware, fire-rated steel doors, and fire-​rated wooden doors for projects throughout ​the Middle East Area.

Our team of experienced professionals ​combines their design expertise with a deep ​understanding of engineering principles to ​deliver innovative and secure door solutions ​that seamlessly integrate into any ​architectural style. We are committed to ​exceeding the highest safety standards while ​exceeding your design expectations.

Minimalist Modern Living Room Interior
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Door Hardware Design

Our passion lies in creating custom door ​hardware solutions that elevate the overall ​architectural design. We collaborate closely ​with architects and engineers to craft ​unique hardware elements, from hinges and ​handles to locks and access control ​systems, that complement the project's ​aesthetics and functionality.

Fire exit steel door for evacuation in case of fire

Fire-Rated Steel Door Design

Safety is paramount. We design and engineer ​fire-rated steel doors that meet the strictest ​Middle East region standards, ensuring the​ highest level of protection for your bu​ilding's occupants. Our fire doors are avai​lable in various styles and configurations to s​uit your specifi​c needs.

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Steel door and fire resistance, Security door.
Emergency fire doors

Fire-Rated Wooden Door Design

Beauty and security can coexist. We create ​stunning fire-rated wooden doors using high-​quality, fire-resistant wood. Our doors come in a ​wide range of styles and finishes, allowing you to ​achieve the desired aesthetic while maintaining ​essential fire safety.

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Museum Architectural Design

Our team combines ​architectural design ​sensibilities with ​engineering know-how to ​deliver exceptional door ​solutions...

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